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Welcome To My Wenn Home Page

My name is Christine Ann Wenn. I have been researching the Rowing Family,[ My Grandmother's name]. I have got a lot of information from Mel Rowing and Danny Roberts'. You can see contacts on Favorite Links. I have also sent them information. Danny has helped me to set up this site for the Wenn's Family History. I don't know much about them but perhaps someone out there who is related can give me more information which would be appreciated.
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This is my Grandparent's Edwin and Charlotte Wenn

Back Row From Left to Right

Stephen Rowing Charles Wenn, Edwin Eden Wenn, Frances Charlotte Wenn and Sarah Ann Wenn.

From Second Row Left to Right

Edwin Thomas Wenn, Charlotte Pooley Wenn(Nee Rowing), Harry Thomas Wenn, and William Bennett Wenn

Front Row, Phyllis Primrose May Wenn

Edwin and Charlotte Wenn were my Grandparents. Edwin Eden "Ted" Wenn, My father. The rest were my Aunt's and Uncles.This photo was taken in 1918.

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